The antiliker is a small, dark gray bird that is found in open country and around farms. It is a very common bird and is seen throughout the United States. The antiliker is a member of the sparrow family and is related to the house sparrow.

The antiliker is a ground bird that feeds on insects and seeds. It is a shy bird and is not often seen. The antiliker is more active in the morning and afternoon, and is usually seen singly or in pairs.

The antiliker is a songbird and has a pleasant song that is often heard in open country. The song is a series of sweet notes that are often given while the bird is perched on a fence or wire.

The antiliker is a good bird to have around your property. It feeds on insects and helps to control the population of these pests. The bird is also a source of food for other animals, such as hawks and owls.

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